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Poisoned "double-faced spy" mother reported to the Russian police to request that his child be listed as missing

(Observer Web News) According to the Russian satellite network reported on February 20th, the mother of the Russian Swordsman poisoning case, the former Russian agent Sergei Scripli, called the police to ask him to list him. For the missing population.

Scripri's niece Victoria told reporters: My grandmother has submitted an application to the police to ask Sergei Scripli and his daughter Yulia to be listed as missing. We hope that the police will be able to ascertain their whereabouts during the investigation.

She also said that the application was submitted to the Moscow Police Department. She pointed out that if they were classified as missing, grandmother would inherit inheritance rights such as apartments, cars and dogs.

On February 17, the Times reported that Scriply's physical condition had deteriorated and he is currently under the supervision of a doctor.

Scripri's niece Victoria said on Monday that she is convinced that her uncle has passed away. She said more than once earlier that she believed that her uncle had passed away, or she would definitely contact her elderly mother.

According to Observer's previous report, Reuters announced on May 23, 2018 an exclusive interview video with Scripali's daughter Yulia Scripal, the first time she was attacked by a nerve poison. Public appearance. It is reported that the video was recorded in a secret shelter in London. She is currently under the protection of the British government and is contacted by Reuters through the British police.

After I woke up, I read the news and said that we were poisoned. She said that I still have difficulty accepting the fact that we both were attacked like this.

It was shocking to be attacked by nerve agents. She said that she and her father were lucky to survive this assassination. Our recovery was slow and extremely painful.

My life has changed dramatically. I am trying to accept the tremendous changes that happen to me, whether physical or psychological. She mentioned that she intends to stay with her father to take care of him until he is fully recovered, but in the long run, I hope to return to China.

On the other hand, Yulia mentioned the consular assistance of the Russian Embassy in the UK. I am very grateful for the assistance of the Russian Embassy, ​​but I am not going to accept their help. She hopes that everyone can respect their privacy and reiterates the previous statement: No one can speak for me and my father except ourselves.

On March 4, 2018, Scriply's father and daughter were unconscious for a long time on the streets of Salisbury, England. Subsequently, the British claimed that the two were attacked by the nerve agent Novichok and accused Russia of being behind the scenes. However, the Russian side resolutely denied that the United Kingdom and Russia had set off a massive diplomatic storm. The 23-nation group expelled hundreds of Russian diplomats and Russia fought back with a reciprocal expulsion.

Ulya has Russian nationality and lives in Russia. The day before the poisoning incident, she just arrived in the UK and wanted to spend her Easter with her father. Scripal was originally an official of the General Intelligence Department of the Russian General Staff, who was imprisoned for being a spy. According to a US-Russian arrested espionage agreement in 2010, he was released to the United States and later settled in the UK as a British citizen.

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