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Russia says China and Russia will sign heavy-duty helicopter manufacturing and production contracts

(Observer Web News) Russian satellite network reported on February 20th that the director of the International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department of the Russian National Technology Group Corporation, Victor Kladov told the satellite news agency that Russia will be with 1-2 months later. China signed a contract for the manufacture of heavy helicopters.

Kladov points out: This is a major contract for the construction and production of heavy helicopters and will be signed in the last 1-2 months.

Kladov said that the helicopter's load capacity will reach about 15 tons.

In November 2018, it was reported that Russia and China planned to sign a joint contract for the development of heavy helicopters.

The 2019 Indian Air Show (AeroIndia 2019) will be held in Bangalore from February 20th to 24th.

According to Observer's previous report, at the 4th China Tianjin Helicopter Expo in 2017, AVIC exhibited the latest model of heavy-duty helicopters that China is working with Russia.

From the layout of the aircraft and the configuration of the power system, the heavy-duty helicopter jointly developed by China and Russia still uses the power system of the Mi-26. Although the size of the fuselage is reduced, this is mainly due to the enhanced flight performance of the helicopter plateau. Consideration.

The Sino-Russian heavy transport helicopter project was jointly developed by Russian Helicopter Holding Company and AVIC Helicopter Company (AVIC subsidiary). The maximum takeoff weight is expected to be 38.2 tons and the practical ceiling is 5700 meters. The flight distance will reach 630 km and the maximum speed is 300 km/h. The maximum in-cabin payload is 10 tons and the external load is 15 tons.

The head of the public relations department of the Ukrainian Madic company said in 2017 that the Sino-Russian heavy transport helicopter plans to install the D-136-2 modified engine produced by Ukrainian Madic.

The D-136-2 engine was developed from the D-136 engine. The D-136 is an engine used in the Russian heavy-duty helicopter Mi-26. The single power is 8500 kW. The D-136-2 has been improved. The power of the station is 9100 kW.

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