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American scientist Brock died 44 years ago, "global warming"

Overseas Network February 19th On February 18th, American scientist and Columbia University professor Brock died at a hospital in New York at the age of 87. He is the first person to raise global warming and provide early warning of climate change.

According to the US World Journal, Brock combined global warming with an article in 1975 to correctly predict that rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are the main cause of global warming. Later, he became the first person to mention the theory of ocean conveyor belts. The Ocean Conveyor Belt is the main system network that affects the temperature from rain to rain. In 1996, Brock received the National Medal of Science and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Princeton University professor Michael Oppenheimer spoke highly of Brock: Brock is a unique person, he is smart and aggressive, and the cooling in the 1970s made him clearly see global warming. There are signs that even though few people at that time were willing to understand his point of view, he still insisted on his own ideas. (Overseas Network - USA Joshua Shan)

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