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The Russian double-sided spy case is fermented again! The party was asked to be listed as a missing person

Overseas Network February 20th  Russia's former double-faced spy Sergei Scripal was poisoned in Salisbury, England last March, causing a stir in the international community. Now, the incident has made new progress: Scripal's mother made a request to the police to ask the police to list his child as a missing person.

According to Russian satellite news agency, Tass news agency and other media reports, Scripal's niece Victoria told the media on Tuesday that Scripar's mother had requested the Moscow police to list her child as missing by mail. population.

My grandmother has submitted an application to the police to ask Scripal and his daughter Yulia to be listed as missing. We hope that the police will be able to ascertain their whereabouts during the investigation. Victoria said.

Victoria pointed out that if Scrippar's father and daughter were classified as missing, her grandmother would inherit the inheritance of apartments, cars and dogs.

At present, the mother of Victoria and Scripal lives in the central Russian city of Yaroslavl. Previously, the two grandparents had planned to apply for a British visa to go to the UK, but the British authorities refused to apply for their visa on the grounds of the health of the 90-year-old Scripar mother.

On March 4, 2018, Scripal and his daughter Yulia fell into a coma on a bench in a shopping mall in Salisbury, England. The British investigation said that the poisoning of the parents was the neurotoxic agent Novichok developed by the Soviet Union in the mid-1980s, and that Russia was related to the matter. Russia firmly denied this and pointed out that this is a scene of the British self-directed performance.

After the incident, the Western countries took the action of collectively expelling Russian diplomats, which also caused the diplomatic relations between Russia and the Western countries to be deadlocked. British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on March 14 that she would expel 23 Russian diplomats. Subsequently, about 30 countries allegedly declared their expulsion of Russian diplomats out of unity with the United Kingdom. Among them, the United States expelled the largest number of Russian diplomats, reaching 60.

On February 17 this year, the British Times reported that Scrippar's physical condition has deteriorated and he is currently under the supervision of a doctor. Scrippar's niece Victoria said more than once that he believed that his uncle had passed away, or he would definitely contact his elderly mother. (Overseas Network Yao Kaihong)

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