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Former FBI Acting Director broke the news: US Congress leadership does not object to the investigation of Trump

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Acting Director Andrew McCabe said on the 19th that when he told the top leaders of law enforcement agencies in 2017 that he had started counter-intelligence on President Trump's relationship with Russia. At the time of the investigation, the top leaders of the Congress did not object.

US media said that McCabe told the NBC on Tuesday that he informed eight key members shortly after the investigation was launched nearly two years ago, including the Senate's highest level member, the Senate. Majority leader McConnell and then House Speaker Paul Ryan.

No one objected, McCabe said, not based on legal opposition, not based on constitutional opposition, nor based on factual opposition.

Trump said on Monday that McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had impeded judicial and counterintelligence investigations against him in 2017 and considered invoking constitutional amendments to remove him and engage in treason.

McCaib told CBS in an interview on Sunday that when Trump fired Komi, he might have committed a crime. McCabe was later fired after serving the FBI for 21 years. He said: Our idea is that if the president obstructs the administration of justice, dismiss the FBI director to disrupt or prevent us from investigating Russian malicious activities and possibly supporting him. Election, then as an anti-intelligence investigator, you must ask yourself, 'Why is a US president doing this? '

Trump continued to slam McCabe, and he said on Twitter later on Monday, remembering that without the permission of the 'Leaker' James Komi, Andrew McCabe did not even go to the bathroom!

McCaib also published a book about his experience at the FBI and his investigation of Trump, which was published on Tuesday. McCabe told CBS that the FBI wanted to know if there was an inappropriate relationship, a connection between the president and our most terrible enemy, the Russian government, around Trump's series of events.

McCaib said that Rosenstein, who will leave the Ministry of Justice next month, absolutely supports Trump's obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations. The discussion on invoking the constitutional amendment was inconclusive.

A few days after Komi was fired, Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Muller as a special prosecutor to take over the investigation into Russia. At the time, Rosenstein was responsible for supervising the investigation because the then Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, avoided participating in this during his campaign with the former Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kislyak. Supervision of the investigation. Sessions's decision eventually led Trump to fire him last year.

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