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The Bromo volcano eruption in Indonesia has entered a state of emergency

China News, February 20, according to the Malaysian China Daily reported that on the morning of the 18th local time, the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java, Indonesia, broke out again, spurting 600 meters high volcanic ash, the volcano is likely to once again A big outbreak. The Indonesian Bureau of Meteorology, Climate and Geosciences announced that Mount Bromo has entered a state of emergency.

The Indonesian meteorological observation management director Harry held a press conference and said that the authorities observed that the ash column was white to brown and tilted westward. Harry said that the distribution of Bromo ash has not yet been discovered and is still being coordinated with the Indonesian Bureau of Meteorology, Climate and Geoscience to monitor the dynamics of Mount Bromo.

It is reported that the last eruption of Mount Bromo was in 2015.

Indonesia is a multi-volcanic country with 129 active volcanoes and dormant volcanoes. Mount Bromo at an altitude of 2,329 meters is one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.

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