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Putin: The government encourages births to reduce family tax burdens. The more children have lower tax burdens

At 12 o'clock on February 20, local time (17:00 Beijing time), Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a 2019 State of the Union address to the Federal Conference at the Moscow Trade Center Exhibition Center. A total of 761 journalists were interviewed and reported from the site. Annual State of the Union address.

According to the report of the Russian News Agency on February 20th, Putin pointed out at the beginning of the speech that we must only move forward and speed up the pace. If someone likes to work steadily, not nervous, and avoid taking the initiative, then it is best to leave immediately.

Putin also said that this year will be committed to improving the living standards of the people. Now Russia's fertility rate is very low, and this trend needs to be reversed. The family is the foundation of the country. The government encourages childbearing and should reduce the family tax burden. The more children, the lower the tax burden, the government will give each family the first and second. Children are subsidized.

The report said that Putin mentioned in his State of the Union address that the people can feel the quality of life improved this year.

According to the report, according to the Russian Constitution, the President of Russia will issue a State of the Union address to the Federal Conference every year. The State of the Union Address is considered to be a programmatic document that can reflect the policy objectives of the Russian leadership and the prospects for the future development strategy.

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