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Reference News Network reported on February 20th (Text / Gao Chunyu, Xu Wei, Wang Hao) The United States has recently increased its sanctions on Venezuela's economic and financial industry. President Trump even publicly stated that it does not rule out Military interventions were carried out on the committee, and news of the presence of troops from the Kucuta in Colombia was also reported from time to time. At the same time, a number of humanitarian aid supplies from the United States arrived at the border of the Colombian side. The United States hoped that supplies would enter Venezuela through the border, while the government refused to accept aid and demanded that the United States lift the sanctions.

Reference News Network reporter recently visited two famous bridges on the border of the border with the Simon Bolivar International Bridge and the Tinditas Bridge, and observed the two countries currently operating on the Simon Bolivar International Bridge. The people were calm as usual, and they also noticed the real situation of US aid materials at the other end of the Tintilas Bridge.

A concert will be held simultaneously

The Simon Bolivar International Bridge connects San Antonio in Venezuela with Cucuta in Colombia and is the main connecting link between the two countries. The reporter saw here that the Venezuelan people lined up in an orderly manner through the border checkpoint. The public broadcasts played cheerful national music, and more than a dozen officers and men armed with shields and weapons maintained order at the scene. A duty soldier told reporters that more than 35,000 Venezuela people crossed the bridge into Colombia in the morning and returned to Venezuela in the afternoon.

I went to Kucuta every morning to go to work and return to Venezuela at night. In my memory, the people on the border between the two countries have always been friendly, and I do not want the aggression from the United States to undermine the calm here. The 35-year-old sugar factory worker Machado told reporters.

Venezuela's Minister of Information and Communications Rodriguez said on the 18th that the government will hold a large concert at the side of the Simon Bolivar International Bridge on the 22nd and 23rd of this month. The concert will be based on the theme of peace and life, with the slogan of not interfering in Venezuela and resolutely opposing war.

Rodriguez said in a televised speech that the concert was held on the proposal of a number of Venezuelan artists to convey care and solidarity and accused of attempting to invade Venezuela's cruel acts.

Before, members of the opposition party, President of the Parliament Guaido and Colombian President Ivan Duke jointly announced on the social networking site that a concert to maintain the freedom of Venezuela will be held in Cucuta on the 22nd. The concert was organized by Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group in the UK, to raise funds and supplies for the Venezuelan people.

This bridge has never been officially opened

About 10 kilometers to the north, the Tinditas Bridge is also connected to the two countries. The reporter noted that dozens of military police patrolled the empty six-lane bridge. There were no pedestrians on the bridge, and there were no border inspection and customs offices. The center of the bridge is separated by tank trucks, containers and iron fences in Colombia.

After a batch of humanitarian aid from the United States arrived in Cukuta, Colombia, it was placed at the other end of the bridge. According to some Western media reports, the United States accused the military of blocking the bridge passage leading to Venezuela from Vukuta and placing roadblocks to prevent the entry of humanitarian supplies.

The Tintiltas Bridge is located in the city of Bolivar in Venezuela. Bolivar Mayor William Gomez told reporters that since 2015, the government has actively closed most borders to prevent the smuggling of gasoline at the border. Gomez pointed to the other side of the bridge and said that Venezuela did not temporarily block the bridge as the Western media said, because the bridge has never been officially opened.

This is just an international media show with the aim of damaging the image of the Venezuelan government. In fact, no one or material can enter from this bridge that has never been activated. Gomez said that there is another bridge nearby that allows trucks to pass. If they want to get containers into Venezuela, they should first go through the necessary customs procedures instead of putting the containers there.

Communist against foreign intervention

The Maduro government said it would reject the entry of food and medicines and accuse the United States of hypocrisy. The so-called humanitarian aid is a show.

Humanitarian relief supplies can be directly transferred to third-party non-government agencies such as the Red Cross to operate and enter Venezuela. There is no need for external forces to force the government to open border crossings or make media shows. Retire University professor Hernandez told reporters.

Hernandes also expressed the voice of most Venezuelans. Most Venezuelans do not want foreign intervention. Venezuela's international expert Adriansa said that Venezuela's affairs should be resolved by the Venezuelans themselves. Once military intervention is involved, the conflict will inevitably spread to other Latin American countries. unstoppable.

Antiliano, a professor of political law at the Central University of Venezuela and an expert on human rights, believes that if the United States uses force against Venezuela, it will certainly be condemned by the international community. He said that this behavior shows that the United States will once again pursue hegemonism and unilateralism in Latin America, which is unacceptable to Latin American countries. I believe that most Venezuela opposition members do not want the United States to conduct military intervention in their own countries.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Areiasa said on the 16th that this is a US-made media show that creates conditions for intervening in Venezuela. He also accused the US of aid behavior hypocrisy and said that US sanctions have caused billions of dollars in losses.

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