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Putin talks about foreign policy: Russia has sovereignty or does not exist

At 12 o'clock on February 20, local time (at 17 o'clock in Beijing time), Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a 2019 State of the Union address to the Federal Conference at the Moscow Commercial Exhibition Center. A total of 761 journalists were interviewed and reported from the site. Annual State of the Union address.

According to Russia's (RT) report on February 20th, Putin stated in his State of the Union address that the primary direction of Russia's foreign policy is to strengthen mutual trust and expand cooperation in various fields. Putin said that Russia was and will be a sovereign country in the future. It (Russia) is either the same or does not exist. Some countries may not be sovereign states, but Russia will not.

The report stated that Putin emphasized in his State of the Union address that equal relations with China is an important factor in Russia's foreign policy. Russia also attaches great importance to developing cooperation with India. Putin also promised that Russia and its partners will continue to strengthen the framework of economic and trade cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Putin also expressed the hope that the EU will take practical measures to restore normal political and economic relations with Russia. When talking about Russia-Japan relations, Putin said that we will develop relations with Japan, and Moscow will seek a mutually acceptable way to conclude a peace treaty with Japan.

According to the report, according to the Russian Constitution, the President of Russia will issue a State of the Union address to the Federal Conference every year. The State of the Union Address is considered to be a programmatic document that can reflect the policy objectives of the Russian leadership and the prospects for the future development strategy.

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