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The foreign media said that it can sail underwater for 5 weeks! Iran's first domestic conqueror class submarine service

Reference News Network reported on February 20 that the Iranian News TV website published a report on Iran's conqueror-class submarine on the display of cruise missiles on February 17, reporting that Iran's first conqueror level on February 17. The submarine's entry ceremony was held in the port city of Abbas in the southern port of Hormuzgan province, and Iranian President Hassan Rohani attended the ceremony.

The report said that this domestic submarine equipped with cruise missiles is one of Iran's measures to strengthen its national defense. The submarine is completely localized and can be operated for more than 5 weeks at depths of more than 200 meters under water.

It is reported that the 527-ton conqueror class is Iran's first submarine that can carry and launch cruise missiles from underwater, equipped with advanced weapons (including torpedoes, mines) and sonar systems that can identify enemy ships.

Before, two Gadir-class submarines capable of launching submarine-launched missiles, torpedoes and mines were included in the Iranian Navy at the end of November 2018.

The report pointed out that the Gadir-class submarine was designed to cruise in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf to ensure peace and security in Iran's seas and seas.

So far, Iran has installed a number of different grades of domestically produced advanced submarines, including Gadiel, Soaring, Whale, Tariq and Sinar.

The report quoted Brigadier General Amir Khatami, Iranian Defense Minister, after the completion of the submarine entry ceremony. The former said that the conqueror-class submarine is a completely self-developed product consisting of more than 412,000 parts, the entire design. The process was completed by scientists and experts of the Iranian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, which is affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense. It is the result of the labor of 2.602 million working hours of Iranian scientific and technical personnel.

He also said that the new Iranian submarine uses a number of cutting-edge technologies to launch a torpedo with a diameter of 533 mm and carry eight mines and two spare torpedoes.

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