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More than 200 people are poisoned. All KFC in Mongolian order is closed.

(Observer Web News) After more than 200 consumers showed symptoms of food poisoning and dozens of people were sent to hospital for treatment, the Mongolian government ordered all KFC restaurants in the country to suspend business.

According to Reuters reported on the 19th, the first case occurred at the beginning of this month. A total of 16 people suffered from food poisoning symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting and high fever after eating KFC food.

The Metropolitan Professional Inspection Department of the Ulaanbaatar City of Mongolia said that 247 similar notification cases have been received and 42 people have been sent to hospital for treatment.

The Bureau of Inspection decided to order the closure of 11 KFC restaurants in the country and investigate the cause of food poisoning. These 11 are all located in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Preliminary investigations revealed that 35 of the employees in one of the restaurants had handled the food without thorough examination, and most of them did not have a medical examination. This is illegal and the restaurant lacks internal hygiene management.

Klebsiella Spp is also found to be highly toxic in the restaurant's drinking water. A small amount of E. coli was also found in a soda machine, and four people contacted KFC employees. Infected Shigella, which causes fever and diarrhea.

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