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Nazi downfall pension as usual, Hitler's "loyalty reward" sparked controversy in Belgium

The Belgian Morning Post revealed on the 19th that there are still 27 former Nazi SS members who have received pensions from Germany.

Russian Life News quoted the Belgian Morning Post as saying that Hitler pledged the pension in private in 1941 to reward the loyalty and obedience of these Nazi SS members, and their immediate descendants could also enjoy the pension. gold.

According to the statistics of the Belgian government, a total of 38,000 people in the country were the beneficiaries of the German pension, and the amount of the pension ranged from 425 euros to 1275 euros (about 3236 yuan to 9711 yuan).

The report said that the exposure of the matter caused controversy in Belgium. Several Belgian parties proposed a plan to the House of Representatives to resolve the matter through diplomatic channels, and suggested that the German government stop paying the pension. In addition, the Belgian government stated that it has never been taxed on this pension.

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