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Junker: The EU will not stop the British delay "Brexit"

According to CCTV news mobile network news local time on the 19th, European Commission President Juncker in an interview with the media in Stuttgart, Germany, said that there is not enough evidence to show that the Brexit has made progress, and if the UK asks to delay the Brexit, EU members The country will not stop it.

Junker: It is expected that meeting with the British Prime Minister is difficult to achieve

On the same day, Juncker said that in his view, the current Brexit has not made substantial progress, and his meeting with British Prime Minister Teresa May on the 20th may be difficult to achieve results. If the UK finally has no agreement to leave the EU, it will have devastating consequences for the domestic and European economic sectors.

Junker also said that if the UK asks to delay the Brexit, there will be no EU member states to stop it. However, the European Parliament will hold elections at the end of May this year. If the Brexit is postponed until that time, it means that the UK will participate in the voting.

European Commission Chairman Juncker: The current situation is very clear. If the UK asks to delay the Brexit and this time is delayed until the end of May, according to the current law, the UK will vote in the European Parliament election. So if the UK wants to extend the time to the end of May, it must make a decision and there is no other way. Delaying the Brexit is not a wise move, but another problem.

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