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Foreign media: Trump encourages the military to turn the tide. The two sides of the United States have been approved as "shameless"

Reference News Network reported on February 20 Foreign media said that US President Trump once again recognized Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela on the 18th and encouraged the Venezuelan military loyal to President Maduro.

The name Maduro is Cuban

According to the February 26 report by Effie, US President Trump once again recognized Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela on the 18th and accused Cuba of controlling the black hand of Venezuela.

Trump arrived in Miami on the 18th to speak on the situation in Venezuela, where representatives of the Florida Venezuelan community, local councillors and state governor Ron De Santis.

The report said that in more than half an hour of speech, Trump reiterated his support for the Venezuelan people and supported the changes that are taking place in the country.

Trump said in a speech at the Florida International University in Miami: Maduro does not allow relief supplies to enter Venezuela, which are packages for children.

He said: Cuba is actually behind the scenes of Venezuela, not Maduro, and this situation must change immediately.

He stressed: You must accept Guade as president.

The report also said that Trump also yelled to the Venezuelan military that the officers should make a wise choice to release humanitarian relief supplies.

Teach the military not to take life adventure

Reuters reported on February 18 that Trump issued a warning to members of the Venezuelan military who remained loyal to President Maduro on the 18th, saying they were taking their own future and life adventures and urged them to allow humanitarian relief. The goods entered Venezuela.

Trump spoke in Miami, mostly in Venezuela and Cuban immigrants.

He said that if the Venezuelan military continues to support Maduro, you will not have a safe harbor, no convenient exports, no escape. You will lose everything.

Maduro counterattacked on the evening of the 18th, saying that Trump's speech was of Nazi style. He behaved as if he was the owner of Venezuela and the citizen of the country was his slave.

The report said that Trump strongly supported the Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido. The United States, many neighboring countries of Venezuela and most Western countries have recognized Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela.

But Maduro still controls the Venezuelan government agencies, including the security department.

Trump warned the Venezuelan Armed Forces not to harm Guadeo or other opposition politicians and urged them to accept the amnesty proposed by the leader of the National Congress to allow food, medicines and other supplies to enter.

The United States and Russia pains both sides of the United States

According to the news of the Tass news agency on February 18, Venezuelan Vice President Ricardo Menendez said in an interview with the Venezuelan news agency on the 18th that the direct losses caused by US sanctions to Venezuela in the past three years were 38 billion US dollars.

He said that it is shameless to propose an initiative to provide foreign humanitarian assistance to Venezuela in the context of economic sanctions.

Menendez said that $23 billion of the $38 billion is a loss of national GDP (gross domestic product), and the remaining $15 billion is related to the Citrogo Oil Company - this is the US branch of Venezuela Petroleum. .

Menendez said: If you add $20 billion in damage to the oil sector (this refers to the strike of oil workers from 2002 to 2003 - Tas), this is $58 billion, the country The loss was nearly $60 billion.

He also said: We hope to stop attacks on our economy and military crimes so that we can begin the process of economic recovery.

According to a report by the Russian News Agency on February 18, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova said on the 18th that Moscow believes that the intention of the United States to deliver humanitarian supplies to Venezuela on the 23rd is a provocation. Washington's best practice is to lift the sanctions. And to unfreeze the state-owned enterprise accounts, rather than providing similar support to Venezuelans.

She said: The situation in Venezuela is developing along a worrying trajectory. The events that the opposition-supported opposition in Washington prepared to make on February 23, using the words of the great Latin American Gabriel Garcia Marquez, could be called 'provocative provocation.'

This spokesperson pointed out: What does this mean? It is planned to import goods from neighbouring countries that are defined as 'humanitarian assistance' to the Venezuelan people. Taking into account the position of the legitimate government of the country on this issue, the planners intend to 'make a breakthrough', prompting border guards and military personnel to use force.

She said that as far as (United States) intends to assist the people of the country with certain humanitarian supplies, the most correct approach is to unfreeze the accounts of Venezuela's state-owned enterprises in Bank of America instead of hypocritically providing hundreds of millions of dollars in 'help'.

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