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The British Labor Party has retired from the party. A total of 8 members announced their withdrawal within 2 days.

China News, February 20th Comprehensive report, on the 19th, the British opposition party Labor Party member Joan Ryan (Joan Ryan) announced the withdrawal of the party. In the past two days, a total of eight Labour Party members have announced their withdrawal from the party.

It is reported that Ryan wrote in the social networking site Twitter late at night that he quit the party because of anti-Semitism within the party. On the 18th, seven Labour Party members had been dismissed from the party because of the Brexit position of the leader, Jeremy Corbyn. These lawmakers said that the Labor Party was kidnapped by the political machine of the tough left.

Lane said in a letter posted on Twitter that since the election of Corbin in 2015, the Labor Party has been polluted by anti-Semitism racism. She said that before the election of Corbin, the Labour Party never had this problem. Earlier, some people accused Corbin of failing to resolve the anti-Semitic issue within the party, but were denied by Corbin.

Ryan was elected to the parliament for the first time in 1997. After resigning from the party, he will join the Independent Group. The seven members who quit the party on the 18th will form an independent group and will continue to serve as members of the independent group.

Pre-British Prime Minister Tony Blair served as the party leader, leading the Labour Party to the middle line, then winning the election and ruling for 13 years. The report said that Corbin established a left-leaning route for the Labor Party.

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