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Putin's State of the Union address: Russia has sovereignty or does not exist

(Observer Network News)

At noon on February 20, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his 15th annual State of the Union speech in Moscow, explaining his economic, livelihood and foreign policy and future prospects to Russian parliamentarians, government officials and media reporters.

In a nearly 90-minute speech, Putin stressed the need to accelerate the pace of domestic economic development, proposing that Russia's economic growth rate should exceed 3%, and improve the business environment and expand investment.

According to the Tass news agency, in terms of foreign policy, Putin criticized the United States for unilaterally withdrawing from the China-Treaty Treaty. He warned that Washington would adopt reciprocal and asymmetric measures against European countries that want to receive US missiles, and said: Russia will be and will be a sovereign state before and in the future. She is either or not. Some countries may not be sovereign states, but Russia will not.

Minsheng: Encourage childbearing Children have fewer taxes

In addition, according to Chinanews.com, Putin said in his State of the Union address that Russia has entered a difficult period on the population issue and the birth rate is declining. He said that Russia should achieve natural population growth from 2023 to 2024.

He believes that there is a need to reduce the tax burden on families with many children. He said: The family tax should be reduced. The principle should be very simple - the more children, the lighter the tax burden.

He also proposed to increase the tax cuts on real estate taxes for families with multiple children and to exempt land taxes on 6 acres of land.

Putin said that the Russian people should be able to feel the quality of life improved this year.

He pointed out that by the end of 2020, medical assistance services should be provided at all settlements throughout Russia. At least 1 trillion rubles will be allocated for the fight against cancer in the next six years.

He also pointed out that by 2021 all primary and secondary schools across Russia should access high-speed Internet.

Economy: Encouraging investment to improve the business environment

Putin said that Russia can no longer continue to sway on the issue of strategic development. Putin said: Our mission is long-term, but the strategic goals must be implemented from now on.

Putin subsequently pointed out that Russia's economic growth rate should exceed 3%. He pointed out that the total investment should increase by 6-7% in 2020, which will become one of the important criteria for evaluating government work.

However, Putin also said that in order for Russia to achieve rapid growth, it must solve systemic problems in the economy. The key points are: First, form a competitive industry on the basis of new technologies and digitalization, and then expand the export of non-raw materials, strive to increase by 0.5 times in six years, and accelerate the growth of labor productivity. Second, improve the business environment and prevent Russian investment outflows. Third, remove the constraints of infrastructure on economic development and develop the potential of each region. Fourth, cultivate modern (technical) cadres and establish a strong scientific and technological foundation.

Putin also instructs the government to create a comfortable environment for investment technology startups. He suggested creating a dedicated digital platform so that entrepreneurs can talk about the pressures on business.

Diplomatic: Show the latest weapons, approve the US anti-Russian policy

In terms of diplomacy, Putin said that strengthening mutual trust and expanding cooperation in various fields is the primary direction of Russia's foreign policy. Putin also criticized the US anti-Russian policy for its own interests. Putin said that Russia has no intention of confronting the United States as a global power. He expressed the hope to maintain friendly relations with the United States.

When talking about the issue of the treaty, Putin said that the United States should honestly put forward its basis for withdrawing from the treaty, instead of accusing Russia. In addition, the United States to build missile targets and deploy anti-missile systems in Romania is a blatant and violent trampling of the treaty.

Putin said that Russia will not take the lead in deploying medium- and short-range missiles in Europe. If the United States deploys missiles in Europe, Russia will be forced to adopt equal and asymmetric measures.

In addition, Putin also demonstrated the latest weapon, the zircon hypersonic missile. He said that the latest weapons Peresvet vehicle-mounted laser weapon system and dagger air-launched hypersonic missile system show power. Haiyan (Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile and Poseidon nuclear-powered torpedo test successfully. This spring, the first Poseidon submersible will be launched.

Space Technology: Developing Artificial Intelligence Establishing a Space Center

In terms of space, Putin said that the number of Russian satellite clusters needs to be increased. He said that in order to achieve a real revolution in the field of communications and navigation, Russia must increase the deployment of satellites.

Putin also instructed the Russian Space Group and the Moscow City Government to establish the National Space Center.

Putin also pointed out that advanced scientific infrastructure needs to be created in the field of artificial intelligence. The task for the next few years is to strive for full coverage of high-speed networks.

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