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The Japanese Self-Defense Force fighter plane was suspected to have crashed. Two people on board were rescued.

China News Service, Tokyo, February 20th Comprehensive Japanese media reported that on the morning of the 20th, an F-2 fighter jet of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force was suspected to have crashed, and two people on board were subsequently rescued.

According to the Japanese Defense Ministry, at about 9:20 am on the 20th, an F-2 fighter plane suddenly disappeared from the radar during flight training in the coastal area of ​​Yamaguchi Prefecture, and lost contact. There were two people on board. At about 10:10 am, two people were found in the waters near the plane where the aircraft disappeared from the radar, and were immediately rescued by helicopters. At the time, two people still had consciousness, but the specific injury situation is still unclear.

The fighter is affiliated to the Air Self-Defense Force Zhucheng Base (located in Fukuoka Prefecture) and flew to the coastal area of ​​Shankou County for training at 8:48 am with two other F-2 fighter jets.

The oil film was found in the on-site waters, so the Air Self-Defense Force judged that the aircraft crashed while flying. The accident investigation committee established is conducting further investigations on specific situations.

In the House Budget Committee of the day, Defense Minister Iwaya said that the accident brought uneasiness to the local people and apologized. The cause of the accident will be identified to prevent such an accident from happening again.

The Meteorological Agency said that around 9 am, there is cloudy weather near the Sea of ​​Japan in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The wind speed in the sea near Yamaguchi may reach 10 m / s, and the Meteorological Agency has also issued a reminder to pay attention to strong winds.

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