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Gas explosion in a well-known shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia

China News Service, February 20th According to a report by the Central News Agency, local time was close to noon on the 20th, and an explosion occurred in the Lan Garden Shopping Center, a well-known shopping mall in the western part of Indonesia's capital Jakarta, injuring six people. This department store is a frequent visit to many tourists.

Indonesia police said the accident occurred on the food street on the 4th floor of Mall Taman Anggrek, one of which caused an explosion when cooking food due to gas pipeline problems.

According to preliminary investigations by the police, the explosion caused a total of six injuries, including burns and scratches caused by splashing glass fragments. The police are investigating further reasons.

Lan Garden Shopping Center is a famous shopping mall in Jakarta. It was once the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia. It is a shopping mall frequented by local Indonesians and their domestic and foreign tourists. The news of the explosion caused the local people to panic.

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