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Fear of vaccination, Philippine measles ravaged more than 100 people

Foreign media said that the Philippine Health Minister said that a total of 136 people died of measles, mostly children, and another 8,400 people were infected.

According to the Associated Press reported on the 18th, the measles epidemic should be partly due to people's fear of vaccination.

Philippine Health Minister Francisco Duque said that the hard-hit area of ​​Manila launched a mass vaccination campaign last week.

Philippines President Duterte warned on a fatal complication on television on the 15th, urging children to vaccinate.

Health officials said that the capital city of Manila has a high population density. In January this year, the local measles infection rate soared more than 1000%.

The authorities said that nearly half of the 136 deceased were children between the ages of 1 and 4, many of whom were not vaccinated.

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