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British lawmakers recommend strict control of Facebook to prevent it from becoming a "digital gangster"

The French media said that British lawmakers want to better control Facebook and prevent them from becoming digital gangsters.

According to AFP's February 18 report, the Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Committee of the Lower House of the British Parliament emphasized in a report released on the 18th: Enterprises like Facebook should not be allowed to dominate the online world. Above the law, act like a 'digital gangster'.

This report surveyed the phenomenon of fake news and its impact on recent elections in the UK for more than a year, including the impact of the Brexit referendum held in June 2016. The survey focused on the application of Facebook.

In order to combat harmful or illegal content and protect user personal data, this hundred-page report recommends the establishment of mandatory ethics. Compliance with the Code will be guaranteed by an independent regulator who has the power to initiate judicial prosecutions and impose heavy penalties.

Krim Palan, head of public policy for Facebook in the UK, said in a communique that it is open to all meaningful regulations and said that it has not waited for the report to be acted upon. We have taken a rich change. All the notices on politics on Facebook are authorized, their funding sources are mentioned, and the content will be stored in the file for 7 years.

However, members of the British Parliamentary Committee believe that Facebook is not doing enough to combat fake news and other harmful content. The report also called on the UK government to launch an independent investigation into foreign influences.

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