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Russian State Duma Passes Prohibition of Military Use of Mobile Communications Equipment Act

According to the People's Daily News of Moscow, according to the Moscow Communist Youth League, the Russian State Duma finally passed a law prohibiting military personnel from publishing photos, videos and geographical locations of individuals and service forces on the media and social networks. Information may expose state secrets.

After the law comes into force, military personnel will be prohibited from posting self-portraits on the Internet that expose information on arms, military facilities, other co-service personnel, and family members. The law also applies to military training personnel.

Considering the difficulty of verifying violations, the Act stipulates that military personnel and military training personnel are prohibited from using mobile communication equipment during their service.

In an interview with the Moscow Communist Youth League, several experts said that it is first necessary for military personnel to fundamentally realize that modern means of communication and the media will disclose state secrets in unexpected ways, and should be properly guided during implementation. Punishment for the purpose.

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