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Saudi Crown Prince visits India to meet with Modi Energy promotes cooperation between the two countries

New Beijing News According to Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia's King and Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Mohamed bin Salman Al-Ash Saudi arrived in New Delhi on the evening of February 19 to open a visit to India.

Signing a partnership agreement involving investment and travel

According to the Indian Express, Salman held a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi on the 20th. In the joint statement, Modi said: In the 21st century, Saudi Arabia is one of India's most precious strategic partners. Saudi Arabia is our reliable neighbor, close friend and an important source of energy security in India.

Modi said that he will do everything he can to put pressure on countries that support terrorism. Salman said that he will stand with India in the fight against terrorism.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously stated that the two sides will discuss trade and investment, national defense and security, including new energy and combat terrorism, and jointly build a strategic partnership.

After the meeting, the two parties signed a cooperation agreement covering investment, tourism, real estate, information and broadcasting.

Among them, Saudi energy giant Saudi Aramco has received a lot of attention from investing in a refinery. The company plans to invest $44 billion in new facilities on the west coast of India.

According to Reuters, the company's CEO Amin Nasser said in a panel discussion on the 20th that India has priority in the company's investment plan. He revealed that India currently purchases 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Saudi Arabia, and this number will reach 8.2 million in 2040.

In the past 20 years, relations between India and Saudi Arabia have become closer. It is estimated that about 2.7 million Indian employees have been dispatched to Saudi Arabia. The bilateral trade volume of India and India has reached 28 billion US dollars. Saudi Arabia is India's fourth largest trading partner. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is also the main source of energy supply in India, supplying 20% ​​of its crude oil.

Manoj Joshi from the Indian Think Tank Observer Research Foundation says Indian companies and employees play an important role in the Saudi economy, and Saudi Arabia hopes to have a place in India's economic growth. Saudi Arabia will invest in the Indian National Infrastructure Investment Fund soon. Other Indian industries not related to oil will also become part of Saudi economic plans.

The Crown Prince receives another high-quality courtesy

When Salman arrived, the Saudi Highest Medal of Honor, Modi, personally greeted the airport, the bear hugged Salman, and presented flowers.

It is reported that according to the Indian protocol tradition, the Prime Minister usually does not go to the airport to personally welcome Indian government officials, but to send senior government officials to meet. Earlier, during his visit to Pakistan, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also greeted Salman's plane at the airport and personally drove the Crown Prince and his party to the Islamabad city from the airport for a meeting.

After accepting the Indian red carpet courtesy, Salman said: I believe that with the efforts of the Indian President and Prime Minister, we can bring benefits to the Saudi-Indian relationship.

Interestingly, Salman did not go directly to India after leaving Pakistan on the evening of the 18th. Instead, he returned to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and set off again. The Indian Foreign Ministry said that Salman's nearly 3,000-kilometer round-trip to this time was at the request of the Indian side. Prior to this, the Indian media had complained about Salleman's first visit to Pakistan.

How does Saudi Arabia balance its relationship with India and Pakistan?

In the Indian-controlled Kashmir region, two conflicts broke out on the 14th and 18th, and India and Pakistan have recalled their respective ambassadors. At a time when relations between the two countries have once again become tense, Salman has visited Pakistan and India to let the outside world expect the Saudi Crown Prince to balance relations with India and Pakistan.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Saudi Foreign Minister Jubael said before Salleman's arrival that Saudi Arabia would like to take this visit to make efforts to ease the tension between India and Pakistan.

The relationship between Basha and Insa is essentially different, Joshi said. Islamabad regards Saudi Arabia as a regional partner and a leader in the Islamic world, and India-Saudi relations are based on substantive cooperation.

Compared to India, Pakistan is an old friend of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has repeatedly extended financial aid to Pakistan. During the visit to Pakistan, the two sides signed a large order of 20 billion US dollars, involving oil, minerals and sports.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang responded on the 19th that China is pleased to see Pakistan's friendly exchanges and cooperation with other countries including Saudi Arabia. Last year, when State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Pakistan, China and Pakistan agreed to welcome third parties to participate in the construction of the corridor, so that the corridor not only benefits the people of China and Pakistan, but also promotes regional economic cooperation, interconnection and mutual development. Great contribution. China is willing to carry out third-party cooperation on the basis of China-Pakistan consensus.

After ending his visit to India, Salman will visit the last stop of his trip to Asia, China.

Saudi reshapes international image

The United Nations released on the 7th that the investigation team of the Saudi correspondent Kasji, led by UN Special Rapporteur Agnès Callamard, recently gathered evidence in Turkey that Kaschiji was a barbaric and premeditated plan by Saudi Arabian state officials. The victim of the killing act.

After the Kasji case was exposed, the Saudi Crown Prince was accused of involvement and was caught in the whirlpool of public opinion. The Wall Street Journal of the United States pointed out that the three Asian countries represent a strategic fulcrum of Saudi Arabia, which can reduce Salleman's international isolation and re-establish Saudi Arabia's overseas influence.

On the 18th, hundreds of people gathered in New Delhi to protest Saudi Arabia's attitude on the Kashoji and Yemen issues. The protest organizer, Shujaat Ali Quadri, said that the Yemen war caused a large number of civilians and children to die, and Saudi Arabia should be responsible for it.

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