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247 customers were poisoned by food, a KFC store in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Munich KFC is accepting investigations from the country's regulatory authorities due to food poisoning incidents.

According to Reuters local time on February 19th, last week, 247 customers showed food poisoning symptoms after eating a KFC in Mongolia, and 42 people were sent to hospital for treatment. In response, a Mongolian regulator said that the operation of KFC's restaurant will be suspended and the incident will be investigated.

The accident occurred at the Zaisan store in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, due to pollution of the water supply. According to the Metropolitan Professional Inspection Agency, 247 customers reported symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

On February 19, an official from the inspection bureau told Reuters that the Zaisan restaurant had been checked by the store. He added: We will inspect other KFC chains during the period of February 18-21. These stores will be suspended.

Ganbat Danzanbaatar, general manager of KFC Mongolia, said that all KFC restaurants are open except for the Zaisan store.

KFC is part of Parkson Food Group and has at least 11 restaurants in Mongolia, all of which are located in Ulaanbaatar. They are run by the franchise partner Mongolia Group Tavan Bogd Group.

A KFC global spokesperson told Reuters in an email: We deeply regret the negative impact of so many people, especially our customers at the Zaisan restaurant. She also said that during this difficult time, we are working hard to support our team members and consumers. KFC Mongolia is fully committed to the government's investigations and recommendations to address the root causes of the incident. This includes an investigation of all KFC Mongolian restaurants, especially the exact cause of the accident.

Tavan Bogd Group apologized in a separate statement stating that the accident was caused by poor internal quality testing, daily standards, and poor enforcement of rules.

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