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[Feature] Nuclear Power Exports The US House of Representatives investigates the White House "transaction"

The nuclear power export to the US House of Representatives investigates the White House transaction


The US House of Representatives launched a survey on the 19th to investigate the reasons for some unusual moves in the government's decision to sell civilian nuclear technology to the Middle East.

The House Supervision and Government Reform Commission initiated an investigation based on several reports of self-proclaimed White House staff. In the context of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, a controversial nuclear power business plan was introduced.

The House of Representatives reported that the plan triggered many questions about national security and law and ethics officials, but it still gained a quick boost from a certain force within the government.

The House of Representatives is now controlled by the Democratic Party, which reports that the White House, the Republican president, is described as chaotic.

The report said that some people seem to want to bypass the national security review process, quickly facilitate transactions, risk violations of the law, and take care of the interests of a small group of people. The whistleblower believes that this practice may continue today.

After Trump took office, he made Saudi Arabia the center of diplomacy in the Middle East. His son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is working on a plan to achieve peace in the Middle East, which may include benefiting Saudi Arabia. Economic development program.

The White House did not respond to the House of Representatives investigation and did not respond to media interview requests.

According to the House of Representatives report, the behind-the-scenes executive team of this commercial transaction has four people, divided into two groups. The first group was Trump's National Security Assistant, retired Army Lieutenant Michael Flynn and the National Security Council appointed by him to administer Middle East and North Africa affairs official Drake Harvey.

The company that promotes this Middle East nuclear power business plan is the old club that Flynn entered before the White House. The National Security Council lawyer immediately reminded that Flynn's practice violated the federal government's law on avoidance of interests, and the entire procedure involved violations of the Atomic Energy Act.

Flining was convicted of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a Russian investigation and is facing a sentencing sentence. An insider close to his team of defense lawyers told the Associated Press on the 19th that Flynn was not prosecuted for investigation by the House of Representatives.

Flynn was dismissed in early 2017, and Harvey continued to act as a promoter until July of that year. The Associated Press reported that due to his persistence in this matter, Harvey left the National Security Council and went to the office of California Republican Representative Devin Nunez. Nunes was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The House investigation also focused on another group of pushers: President Trump's inauguration committee, Tom Barak, and his men, Rick Gates. Barak is now under investigation by the New York federal prosecutor and involves another case. His spokesman said that Barak would cooperate with the Congress to investigate.

US Nonprofit Public Interest News Website For the people to report this huge business plan in 2017, the internal security committee's internal doubts were disclosed.

This program is based on the construction of dozens of nuclear reactors. The business entity involved is IP3 International. It is a corporate group that shows the names of retired generals of the US military and retired officials of the national security department: Rear Admiral Michael Huey special, retired Army Gen. Jack Keane, former national security adviser of President Ronald Reagan's Bud McFarlane ......

The top executives of these companies are trying to persuade the US government to compete in the US$10 billion nuclear energy market in the Middle East, otherwise they will fall behind other countries. They believe that US participation and the subsequent US nuclear fuel regulation will help curb the arms race in the Middle East.

The House of Representatives report that Flynn is the conduit for communication between these companies and the White House. Public information shows that on the eve of Flynn's participation in the Trump administration, the external identity was an IP3 international consultant. The company responded on the 19th: Flynn was never their advisor, nor a member of the company, did not hold shares, and never received remuneration or reimbursement.

The report said that a few days after Trump's inauguration, the company asked Flynn to forward a summary to the president's signature, thereby appointing Barak as a special representative for the nuclear power project, and to the CIA Director, Secretary of State, and Energy Minister. The Minister of Finance and the Minister of National Defense issued a reminder.

The House report quoted former National Security Assistant K.T. McFarlane as saying that Trump had told Barak in person that he could personally implement the project.

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