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Putin condemned the United States for withdrawing from the "Guidelines on the Guide" and stressed that Russia wants peace!

New Beijing News In the 2019 State of the Union speech on February 20th, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again condemned the US unilateral withdrawal from the China-Treaty Treaty and said that Russia, unlike the United States, will not develop the technology prohibited by the treaty.

Putin said that the unilateral announcement by the United States to withdraw from the China-guided treaty is one of the most important things at the moment. They themselves have been violating the relevant provisions of the China-Vietnam Treaty, including the deployment of launchers in Eastern Europe and the targeting of medium-range missiles in anti-missile tests.

Putin stressed that Russia will not deploy medium- and short-range missiles first in Europe, but if the United States deploys similar missiles near Russia, Russia will respond similarly.

According to previous reports, the United States suspended its implementation of the treaty obligations on February 2 and initiated the withdrawal procedure. On the same day, Russia announced that it also suspended its implementation of the treaty obligations.

In addition to the dispute over the middle of the treaty, Putin said that the current international situation has not been further upgraded. Putin said that although some countries have such statements, Russia has never been a threat from other countries. Russia's military response is a natural reaction to the actions of the United States and its allies.

Putin said that the US policy is short-sighted and destructive, and ultimately it will only harm the interests of the United States.

Putin stressed that Russia's foreign policy objectives are clear and transparent – ​​increasing trust, removing barriers between people, and building a safer world.

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