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The United States "sword refers to Iran" opened a meeting in Poland, why do not European friends do not buy?

The United States refers to Iran and has opened an international conference in Poland.

February 13-14, local time, a US-led ministerial conference on the future of peace and security in the Middle East was held in Warsaw, Poland. However, this meeting on peace and stability in the Middle East is considered a joint anti-Iranian conference.

Before the meeting began, US Secretary of State Pompeo declared that the meeting was aimed at focusing on stability and peace, freedom and security in the Middle East, including ensuring that Iran does not cause instability. The US ally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also expressed or will fight against Iran on Twitter, although he later changed to fight against Iran.

At the 14th meeting, US Vice President Burns accused Britain, France and Germany of creating a mechanism to break the US sanctions against Iran. At the same time, he called on these countries to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, calling it peace, security and stability in the Middle East. With human rights, it is time for our European partners to stand with us. Pompeo said that if the Middle East cannot defeat Iran first, it will not be able to win peace and security.

However, the New York Times commented that the Middle East Peace Conference has become extremely embarrassing because many major countries such as Russia and China have not participated, and many European countries have not attended or sent only low-level representatives.

The Iranian side strongly condemned the meeting and called it the desperate anti-Israel.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 15th saying that this was a failed meeting. The United States made great efforts to organize this meeting to form an anti-Iranian alliance. The results of the so-called meeting were meaningless. The Iranian side urged the United States to recognize the reality in the Middle East and immediately abandon this practice, which is doomed to have no results.

Only a working group was set up after the meeting?

According to Reuters, the Middle East Peace Conference, which began on the evening of the 13th, invited foreign ministers or other officials from 60 countries, Polish President Duda, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Vice President Burns. Secretary of State Pompeo and others will be the protagonists.

This was originally an international conference to resolve regional conflicts and promote peace and stability in the Middle East. However, under the leadership of the United States, Iran was forced to not attend. Palestine refused to attend because the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Lebanon, Syria The country has not attended yet - the protagonist has not arrived, this so-called Middle East peace conference is meaningless.

In the agenda of the meeting, according to previous reports, it mainly includes major issues in the Middle East such as the Iran issue, the Syrian war, the Yemeni civil war and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, it was still the focus of the entire conference, and it was still Iran that had not attended.

Netanyahu called this a united meeting against Iran's expansion policy; Pengs accused Iran of a security threat in the Middle East and called on European countries to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement; Pompeo explained the US withdrawal from Syria Matters and expressed the need to impose more sanctions and pressure on Iran.

It is worth mentioning that Trump's son-in-law and White House senior adviser Kushner also appeared in the Warsaw meeting on the 14th. The news he brought is that the Middle East peace plan that the United States has never announced will be 4 Announced after the Israeli election on the 9th.

However, in general, this meeting can be said to be a result.

According to Xinhua News Agency, after the meeting, the United States and Poland announced the joint launch of an international working group to promote cooperation in the Middle East in the areas of counter-terrorism, combating illegal finance, energy security, curbing missile development and weapons proliferation. The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 15th that the outcome of this so-called conference is meaningless.

European friends don't buy it anymore?

This high-level Middle East peace conference led by the United States, British Foreign Minister Hunter only appeared for a while, France and Germany only sent low-level diplomatic representatives, the EU foreign policy senior representatives directly did not attend, to some extent also reflected The differences between the United States and European countries on the Middle East issue have gradually increased.

On the Iranian issue, after 10 years of negotiations, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Russia finally reached an agreement with Iran to sign the Iranian nuclear issue agreement (the Iranian nuclear agreement). However, in May 2018, the Trump administration suddenly unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and fully resumed its sanctions against Iraq in November.

The entire international community expressed dissatisfaction with the Trump administration's move and believed that this exacerbated the complexity and uncertainty of the situation in the Middle East. The traditional American ally, Britain, France and Germany also condemned this behavior of the United States and said that it will remain in the Iranian nuclear agreement. In addition, Britain, France and Germany even took action to bypass US sanctions against Iraq and continue to maintain economic relations with Iran.

According to the Jerusalem Post, in the face of Burns accused European countries of damaging US sanctions against Iraq, some European diplomats present at the meeting said that we hope to lead Iran towards good results and do not want to push them to undermine the Iranian nuclear commitments. Even Poland, which co-led with the United States, expressed its support for the Iranian nuclear agreement. Polish Foreign Minister Chaptovich said that the Iranian nuclear agreement is a valuable factor in the international arena.

In addition, on the Syrian issue and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the differences between European countries and the United States have gradually become apparent. On the Syrian issue, Trump announced in December last year that the United States will withdraw from the US military in Syria, causing dissatisfaction between Britain and France. Both countries indicated that they will not withdraw their troops. On the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Trump announced in December 2017 that the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, causing strong dissatisfaction in Palestine, while European countries such as Britain, France and Germany still adhered to the two-State solution to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

CNN also commented that this large-scale diplomatic performance in the United States, which hopes to unite the international community to boycott Iran, ultimately reflects only the growing disagreement between the United States and its major ally, Europe.


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