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India's first domestic high-speed rail operation broke down on the second day, giving this reason

According to Indian media reports, India's first domestic quasi-high-speed train tribute to India for the first round-trip operation.

According to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao, India's first domestically-made quasi-high-speed train was officially put into operation the next day, and it was interrupted because of a cow hitting the track and causing the anchor. The incident took place on the early morning of the 16th, when the tribute to India was on its way from Varanasi in northern Uttar Pradesh to New Delhi. A spokesperson for the Indian Railways Bureau said during the interview that there were technical problems after the train and it broke down halfway. It is reported that the train was not providing the established commercial operation service.

According to local media reports in India, the tribute to the Indian number on the way back from the city of Varanasi, suddenly a car stuck. In the last four cars, the smoke was rolling, and all parts of the train lost power. The local media quoted a railway spokesperson as saying that the train might have hit the cattle on the rails, causing the brakes to fail. At that time, Indian railway officials on the train and reporters attending the train departure ceremony had to take other services back to Delhi.

According to Indian state television reports, there is no indication that there is a sign of impact on the front of the train, although the Ministry of Railways believes that the train may hit the herd. According to the plan, the tribute to India will be open to the general public from Sunday. It is not clear whether the accident will affect the first commercial operation of the car.

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