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US Secretary of State Pompeo visits Iceland and continues to render "China-Russia threat"

February 15, US Secretary of State Pompeo visited Iceland, the last stop of her trip to Europe. In the face of Iceland, which is the rotating presidency of the Arctic Council, Pompeo continues to render the so-called Sino-Russian threat.

Ponpeo is the first US Secretary of State to visit Iceland since 2008. He held a press conference with Icelandic Foreign Minister Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson on the 15th.

According to Reuters, when asked about how the US plans to cope with the growing influence of China and Russia in the Arctic region, Pompeo said: The United States has a deep understanding of the geostrategic challenges and risks of the Arctic region. He claims that American rivals are beginning to deploy resources in a way that they believe is strategically not only bad for the United States, but also for Iceland and European countries.

We know that when the United States retreats, countries such as China and Russia will fill the gap. If we are not here, this is inevitable.

Pon Pei said that the Arctic issue is very important to the United States and a security issue.

Italy is about to assume the rotating presidency of the Arctic Council. Pompeo said that Iceland is in a strategic position in the world. He is very confident that the cooperation between the United States and Iceland will bear fruit. As Iceland takes over the Arctic Council, I also look forward to participating. Among them, deciding how and where to deploy assets is not just military assets, but all assets.

The Arctic Council has eight member states, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, and China is the official observer of the Council. The organization is responsible for coordinating Arctic policies, and as the global warming, polar ice melts, new trade routes open, and countries strengthen competition for undiscovered oil and gas, the organization's influence is growing.

In talking about the increasingly fierce competition in the Arctic, Icelandic Foreign Minister Sordasen stressed that it is very important for the Arctic to maintain a peaceful and low-pressure area.

Pumpeo has opened a trip to the five European countries since February 11. However, he has been targeting China and Russia all the way, rendering the two countries threaten to European countries.

Observer Network previously reported that Pompeo reminded officials in the country on the 12th to prevent China from manipulating the country through economic or other means to make Slovakia dependent. He also claimed that China wants to undermine Slovak sovereignty.

As for Russia, Pompeo directly named Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that you should not be fooled, and Putin has made up his mind to destroy democracy on a global scale.

In Hungary, Pompeo's use of Huawei will bring so-called security risks, threatening the cooperation between the two countries if the Hungarian side deploys Huawei equipment, and we must not let Putin provoke dissension among NATO allies.

In the face of Pompeo's remarks, Hungarian Foreign Minister Sylto immediately turned back on hypocrisy. Sylto said that Hungary can maintain a transparent relationship with China, Russia, and Western countries. It is very hypocritical to single out the relationship between Hungary and China and Russia.

In the face of the lack of demeanor by the US Secretary of State, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying responded at a regular press conference on the 12th that for some time the United States has spared no effort and unscrupulously concocted all kinds of crimes and various kinds of crimes. China's threat theory has even threatened and provoked China's relations with other countries and discredited the rights and interests of legitimate development and cooperation of Chinese companies. What the United States has done is neither fair nor moral, and there is absolutely no such thing as a great country.

I believe that most countries have a lot of real intentions and bullying in the United States, and the eyes are bright.

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