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Should the United States start with BMW cars this time? Merkel angry back

Overseas Network February 17th The US has recently been the voice of the US national security threat. Yesterday (16th), German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed shock at the incident. She said that the Germans should be proud of their own cars. At the same time, she also returned to the United States on issues such as the Iranian nuclear issue and military support.

According to the British Guardian report, on the 16th local time, Merkel said at the security summit in Munich that she had heard that the US government regarded Germany's BMW as a threat to US national security. It is reported that the US Department of Commerce is about to make a decision on whether to impose tariffs on German cars.

In this regard, Merkel said she was shocked. She angered back and said: I am proud of our car, we should do the same. These cars are also installed in the United States. She also said that if there is a problem in the US and there is trouble, the best solution is to communicate with both parties.

Merkel also expressed his views on the current world order at the summit. She said that the order that guards the past is facing a lot of pressure. She believes that the problem now is that we should let the world split into pieces and think that we can solve the problem alone. Merkel stressed that the best solution should be to put yourself in the shoes of others and to explore a win-win solution. We can't just smash the current system, we should cooperate, she said.

On the other hand, US Vice President Burns said at the same summit that the US priority does not represent the isolation of the United States. In his speech, Burns constantly challenged Europe, saying that it is time for Europe to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and let Europe join the ranks of accusing Iran. He also said that Germany should increase its defense budget.

The differences between the United States and Germany on Iran and military spending have long existed. The United States announced in May 2018 that it would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and resume sanctions against Iraq. At the end of January this year, France, Britain and Germany announced that they have established a special mechanism for trade with INSTEX. When the mechanism is put into operation, it will enable the EU to bypass the US unilateral sanctions against Iraq and maintain legal trade with Iran. US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell criticized on the 10th that this is a contempt for US policy. While talking about Germany's recent commitment to increase defense spending to 1.5% of GDP by 2024, Richard Greiner made it clear that this commitment is still not enough. He stressed that NATO requires 2% by 2024.

Merkel is not to be outdone. She has returned to the United States on the issue of the Iranian nuclear deal. The West should ask itself whether the Iranian nuclear agreement will help expand the negotiations with Iran. On the issue of military spending, Merkel retorted that she believes that Germany's military spending has already taken a big step. In addition, Europe has also made some contributions to helping Africa develop. Merkel urged US President Trump to understand the true meaning of NATO. NATO should not be merely a military organization. It needs a common value. (Overseas website Luo Yiqing)

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