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St. Petersburg, a university building floor collapsed Official: At least 21 people were trapped

Overseas Network February 17th According to reports from Russia today, a building in St. Petersburg State Information Technology Machinery and Optical University (Shengguangji University) collapsed in a large area, at least 21 people were trapped.

The report said that the accident occurred on the afternoon of Saturday (16th) local time. The roof and multiple floors of a five-story building collapsed, with a collapse area of ​​about 150 square meters. The local government said at least 21 people were trapped under the rubble.

The photo of the scene shows that there is a big hole in the roof of the building, the corridor is swallowed by a thick dust, and the ceiling is seriously damaged.

Witnesses said that a lecture was being held in the building at the time, and many people might be trapped under the rubble. After the emergency department confirmed that 86 people were safely evacuated from the building after the building collapsed, no bodies were found during the rescue.

The source pointed out that the preliminary investigation results show that the operation of the school building maintenance process that does not meet the specifications may be the cause of the accident. At present, security service personnel, medical staff and officials of the St. Petersburg city government have arrived at the scene. The Russian Commission of Inquiry stated that a criminal investigation into the accident had been initiated.

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