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The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee writes to the White House to prove the state of emergency

On the 15th, after Trump announced that the United States entered a state of emergency, the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee wrote a letter to the White House asking the White House to prove the state of emergency issued by Trump.

The US Capitol Hill reported on the 15th that the letter was signed by the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, along with the Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman and others, and condemned Trump's announcement of a national emergency. This is a disregard for the separation of the three powers.

We believe that you declare a state of emergency, indicating that you ignore the separation of powers in disregard and ignore the responsibilities you have to deal with under our constitutional system. The letter states that in order to bypass the political process to obtain a budget, an emergency is fabricated. In the state, you have abused the trust of the president's office and you have taken the oath of office.

In this letter, the House Judiciary Committee asked the White House to answer a series of questions, including whether the White House had consulted with the Legal Adviser or the Pentagon before issuing a statement, and what the legal basis for the White House's announcement was. Provide a copy of the document or letter between the White House and the Ministry of Justice staff regarding the state of emergency statement.

The report said that because Congressional funding did not reach the $5.7 billion demanded by Trump, Trump officially announced a state of emergency on the 15th to obtain funds for the southern border wall. But Trump's behavior was quickly condemned by leaders of the Democratic Party and so on.

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