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US commander disagrees with Syria's withdrawal: terrorist organization is not defeated

(Observer Web News) Joseph Votel, commander of the US Central Command, who has been leading the fight against the Islamic State (IS), publicly stated on the 15th that he disagreed with Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria in December last year and warned The terrorist organization is far from being defeated, and the Syrian ground forces are not ready to deal with the threat from IS.

According to CNN's February 15th news, Votel said that at that particular time, this was not my military proposal. . . . To be frank, I will not make this suggestion. When talking about Trump's decision to withdraw Syria, he pointed out that there are still leaders (caliphs), soldiers, and resources. Therefore, our continued military pressure is necessary.

Waller also revealed that he only announced that the Islamic State had been defeated as Trump did not determine that the Islamic State was not a threat.

When I said, 'We defeated them', 'I want to make sure that this means they have no ability to plan or direct attacks against the United States or against our allies.' He said.

Waller had previously said that Trump had not consulted him on the matter when he just announced that the United States would quickly withdraw its troops from Syria.

Trump's decision shocked US legislators and directly led to the resignation of Brett McGreg, the then US special envoy, including the then Secretary of Defense James Matisse and the International Anti-Islamic League.

It is understood that on December 19, 2018, the US media quoted US Defense Department officials as saying that the United States is planning to withdraw troops from Syria in a comprehensive and rapid manner. Subsequently, White House spokesman Sanders confirmed this.

For the withdrawal from Syria, US President Trump gave the reason that the United States has defeated the extremist forces in Syria, and that military operations against extremist organizations are the only reason for the current government to station Syria.

In fact, as early as the end of March to early April last year, Trump twice publicly proposed the idea of ​​withdrawing troops from Syria. He said that the US military operations in Syria are costly, and that the US's operations against the Islamic State are nearing completion.

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