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A woman in Iraq is the first child in the country

According to the Singapore Morning Post on the 16th, a 25-year-old woman in Iraq rarely carries seven births. She gave birth to seven babies in a natural way, and her mother and baby were safe. Foreign media said that this is the first time in the country that someone has conceived and successfully produced seven births.

The report said that pregnant women who did not have a public name gave birth to 6 women and 1 child in a hospital in Diyali. Two photos of the babies were photographed and they were close together. One of them was obviously more beautiful. His brothers and sisters are small. The Ministry of Health said that they are all healthy and have no problems.

The woman's husband, Fadel, said that he had no intention of increasing family members, but now he has seven more, and that he has 10 children to take care of. He also admitted that when he learned that his wife had multiple births, they believed that it was God's will, and therefore did not consider abortion.

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