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A US criminal police shot and defended himself on the street during a fight with a man.

Overseas Network February 16th On the 15th, a police officer in Los Angeles in the United States fought a fight with another man in the slum area of ​​the city center. The police fired at the man. The man is currently in an emergency. The details of the cause of the case are for further investigation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a police officer with 20 years of work experience fought another man near the intersection of St. Julian's Street and St. Julian's Street, around 3:30 am local time on the 15th. . During the fight, the police fired at the suspect for self-defense. The local police said that the police involved in the process were unconscious and the injuries were heavier. The suspect was injured and the situation is critical. I still don't know if it is a homeless tramp. The injured police have recovered consciousness and are able to communicate with their families.

There were hundreds of people who were homeless in Los Angeles. This confrontation was originally described as an attempt to rob. An anonymous police officer revealed to the media that the police officers had been drinking outside for hours before the attempted looting. The investigators believed that the police officer was on the way home when he was hit by a blunt instrument on the brain several times. The police officer fired at least two shots to defend himself. The suspect fled to the central branch station near the Los Angeles Police Department and sought medical treatment there.

But at the moment, the Los Angeles Police Department did not explain the reasons for the conflict. The chief spokesperson of the Los Angeles Police Department said it was difficult for investigators to determine the cause of the incident because the police and suspects could not express their position since the conflict. The news said that the police involved was a drug police officer but refused to disclose his identity. Currently, the case is under investigation. (Overseas/USA Joshua Shan)

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