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Burns wants Eurasian allies to follow Trump in Munich, Merkel sings and applause more

On the 16th local time, the Munich Security Conference opened. At the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for multilateral handling of international affairs and resolutely defended the Iranian nuclear agreement. However, US Vice President Burns did not seem to listen to Merkel's speech, and he spared no effort to win over all his allies to follow the United States' withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and to recognize the Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido as the interim president.

According to the British Guardian report, at the meeting, Burns first praised Trump. Burns said that the results of President Trump's term of office are extraordinary and remarkable. The United States is stronger than ever, and the United States once again takes the lead on the world stage. To this end, he also listed the success of US foreign policy on Afghanistan and North Korea.

Then he called on European allies to follow the US exit from the Iranian nuclear deal. The Iranian regime publicly advocates another massacre and seeks various means of achieving this goal. Burns said that our European partners should now withdraw from the catastrophic Iranian nuclear agreement and join us as we pressure the economy and diplomacy.

It is time for European allies to stop sabotaging US sanctions against Iran. It is time for European allies and the United States to stand with the Iranian people and regional partners. It is time for European allies to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement. . Burns also said.

In addition to this, Burns also wooed the EU and followed the United States to recognize Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela. Today we call on the EU to move forward for freedom and recognize Guaido as the only legitimate President of Venezuela.

But before the speech of Burns, German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech at the meeting and resolutely defended the Iranian nuclear agreement.

I know that Iran's ballistic missile program is also seeing Iran in Syria and Yemen. On this issue, our only difference is whether the withdrawal of the only existing agreement will help us contain the destructive development of Iran or Its development has become difficult? Or do we keep the agreement and it will be more helpful to exert pressure from other aspects? Merkel said.

The Associated Press said that Merkel's speech received long applause, and Burns's speech did not leave a deep impression.

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