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NATO Secretary General: NATO has no plans to deploy new nuclear weapons in Europe

(Observer Web News) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that it is not naive for the allies to develop measures to deal with the possible termination of the effectiveness of the pilot treaty, but confirmed that NATO has no plans to deploy new nuclear weapons in Europe.

According to the Russian satellite network reported on February 16, Stoltenberg pointed out at the security conference in Munich that Russia developed and deployed the new SSC8 missile, violating the China-Treaty Treaty, and the entire nuclear weapons control system is currently threatened. The NATO Secretary-General reiterated the NATO position and pointed out that if one party fails to comply with the treaty, the treaty will become a piece of paper. Therefore, the United States announced its intention to withdraw from the treaty after six months, and Russia has the opportunity to resume its implementation.

Stoltenberg also said that NATO has begun to develop measures to deal with the termination of the treaty's effectiveness. He said, but NATO has no intention of deploying new land-based nuclear weapons in Europe.

U.S. President Trump previously stated that Washington has initiated the process of withdrawing from the Russian-US mediation treaty since February 2. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on February 2 that Russia will adopt a reciprocal response to the US withdrawal from the China-Treaty Treaty and will temporarily withdraw from the treaty. Putin pointed out that Russia should not and will not be involved in a costly arms race. He also said that all Russian proposals on disarmament issues are on the table and the door to negotiations is still open. He asked Russia not to propose to hold talks on this issue in the future.

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