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Munich Security Conference Merkel: Germany should learn from China

CCTV News: German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a warning on the current global unilateralism at the Munich Security Conference, calling for international cooperation to meet various challenges.

Merkel said in his speech that the international order established after World War II is under tremendous pressure and needs to be reformed, but it should never be broken. This year's Muan will propose that the world is becoming a global puzzle, and only global cooperation can put this puzzle together.

Merkel praises China for non-development assistance

Merkel praised China's development assistance in Africa. She believes that Germany should learn relevant methods from China. She called on Western countries to increase development aid to Africa, create more job opportunities, and let African young people see Hope, thus addressing global immigration and refugee issues from the source.

The United States and Europe have huge differences around the Iranian nuclear agreement

The existence of the Iranian nuclear agreement during the current security conference in Munich was also one of the focuses of all parties. US Vice President Burns called on Europe to follow the footsteps of the United States and withdraw from the agreement. Burns also accused Germany, France and Britain of trying to break the US sanctions against Iran. In this regard, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated that the international community should maintain the Iranian nuclear agreement. During the meeting, German Foreign Minister Mas also met with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif.

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