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Xinhua International Review: Forcing the Wall to Create a "Heart Wall"

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, February 15th  Title: Forcing the wall to build a wall

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Yang

US President Trump announced on the 15th that a state of emergency on the southern border of the United States was intended to bypass Congress to raise more funds for the construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border. This questionable and extraordinary move threatens to build more walls in American society.

In the United States, the construction of the US-Mexico border wall is highly sensitive, involving many political, economic, and legal issues such as immigration policies, ethnic minorities, presidential and congressional checks and balances. The Trump administration's use of special means to promote the construction of the border wall may not only make its government face greater resistance to governance in the future, but also sharpen the contradictions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the American people in different positions.

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority (Democrat) leader Schumer said in a joint statement on the 15th that Trump's actions were illegal and violated the constitutional power of the US Constitution. Some Republican lawmakers also believe that the president's announcement of a state of emergency cannot be a solution and set a precedent that would allow the future Democratic president to follow the law and bypass the Republican Party. At the same time, there are also many Republican lawmakers and ordinary people who support or support the Trump administration.

Reuters and other media expect that the Trump administration will face protracted lawsuits from different political groups around this decision. In fact, just a few hours after Trump's statement, the American Civil Rights League announced that it would initiate a lawsuit against the president's decision. In the US Congress, the Republican and Democratic parties will not settle down on the battle for building walls.

With the fierce wall-building game, an increasingly divided and polarized United States is presented to the people. Among them, there are deep reasons such as the rise of populism and the widening gap between the rich and the poor. However, it is undeniable that over the past two years, many policies of the US government have not only failed to bridge the differences, but have intensified social contradictions and magnified the opposition. For example, when nominating the conservative justice Kavano, who was allegedly sexually assaulted, and implementing a travel ban against some countries, the government chose to forcibly break through when a broad consensus was not formed.

The consequences of these actions are gradually emerging. Many media and the public have noticed that in Capitol Hill, there are more legislators and fewer consensuses through consultations. In the public opinion field, people with different positions have more anger and less rational exchanges.

As many experts have said, if you only look at the ticket warehouse, you only consider the interests and feelings of the supporters when you introduce a policy, and do not listen to the voices of the opponents. The wall between the people in the position may be higher and higher, and ultimately the welfare of the whole society.

Someone likes American politics to a pendulum and swings back and forth between left and right. With the tearing of American society, this pendulum swings more and more. If left unchecked, the United States may fall into more real emergencies in the future.

(This article is from Xinhuanet)

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