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14 civilians in Tunisia were kidnapped in Libya

Xinhua News Agency, Tunisia, February 16th The Tunisian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the evening of 15th that many Tunisian civilians were kidnapped by a group of unidentified armed elements in northern Libya. Tunisia's Human Rights Watch confirmed that a total of 14 people were abducted.

Tunisia's Foreign Minister Hemis Jeshinavi said that he has communicated with the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to secure the early release of the abducted Tunisian civilians while ensuring the safety of personnel.

The Chairman of the Tunisian Human Rights Watch, Mustafa Abdul-Kibir, revealed to local media that these Tunisian workers went to an oilfield operation site in northern Libya on the early morning of the 14th and were attacked by militants in the suburbs of Zawiya. Fourteen Tunisian workers were abducted. The militants demanded that the Tunisian government release a Libyan detainee to exchange these Tunisian civilians.

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