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North Korea holds an event to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's birth

Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, February 16th February 16th is one of the main festivals in North Korea, the Light Star Festival, and the birthday of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. According to the North Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong-un, the top leader of the DPRK, went to the Jinxiu Mountain Sun Palace where Kim Jong-il was in the morning and expressed his high respect to Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong Il's flower show and a variety of cultural events were held throughout North Korea to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's birth.

On that day, thousands of Pyongyang people came to the Kim Il Sung Flower and Kim Jong Il Flower Exhibition Hall to enjoy Kim Jong Il's flowers and celebrate the festival.

The exhibition hall on the banks of the Datong River in Pyongyang has three floors, and the different styles of flowers are row upon row, making people feel like they are in the ocean of flowers. Visitors are in a constant stream, staying in front of a variety of flowers to enjoy and take a group photo.

Guide Liu Guiying told reporters that North Korea holds the Kim Jong Il Flower Festival every year, and this year is the 23rd. Every day, tens of thousands of visitors are received. On the day of the Light Star Festival, more than 100,000 people will visit.

In order to express their nostalgia and respect for the leaders, all units in Pyongyang have cultivated Kim Jong Il flowers and sent them to the exhibition during the Flower Festival. This year, more than 30,000 potted flowers from more than 80 units and government departments in Pyongyang were exhibited. The reporter also saw some ordinary people and some overseas Chinese groups also sent their Kim Jong Il flowers to the exhibition.

According to Liu Guiying, Kim Jong Il Flower is a perennial Begonia plant with bright red color and high weight. The flower diameter is about 10 to 25 cm. Each plant has about 10 flowers and the flowering period is up to 120 days.

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