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Russian experts: Ukrainian combat power stays at the level of the Soviet Union. Russia can win in the conflict between the two countries.

Reference News Network reported on February 16 that Russian media said that Russia's motherland magazine magazine editor and military expert Victor Murakhovsky pointed out that if there is a conflict with Ukraine, Russia can win quickly and go to Kiev and the West. Demonstrate realistic military solutions.

According to the report of Russia's Economic News Agency website on February 14, in the big game of the Russian first channel TV station, the American political scholar Dmitry Simes asked Murakhovsky, once in Ukraine. In the event of a conflict, Russia can achieve a clear victory. What he is referring to is not to push forward 20 kilometers, but to do something in the Azov Sea or Kharkiv region, to show clearly to all parties including Washington and Brussels that Russia has a realistic military solution. Program.

Murahovsky replied that Russia undoubtedly has such a plan. When the Battle of Donbass was launched in 2014, Russia did not deploy any combat troops in the five states adjacent to Ukraine. Today, the situation has been fundamentally reversed and the military has made all the necessary preparations.

He also pointed out: In addition, since then, Russia has completed drastic military reforms, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the Syrian war. There are not only empty air forces, but also navies, special operations forces, radio electronic warfare. Troops, all intelligence agencies, and operational military advisory groups. In the course of our operations, we have accumulated military command experience and modern combat experience, and it is on a battlefield far away from Russia. Therefore, the current state of the Russian army is much better than it was in 2014.

He believes that the Ukrainian army has resumed its combat effectiveness for five years. In the summer of 2014, the core of the combat force of the Ukrainian army was almost destroyed. However, the signing of the Minsk Agreement and the subsequent basic truce, which enabled Kiev to restore its combat strength, the main way was to revitalize the arms reserve left by the Soviet Union.

The report stated that Ukraine did not manufacture new weapons and armaments. The supply of government arms was completely dependent on the maintenance and upgrading of the Soviet era's armaments, and a few were imported from the West. Murakhovsky concluded: In any case, it should be clarified that the combat strength of the Ukrainian army remains at the level of the Soviet Union.

The report said that on the eve of the 2018 World Cup, Russia warned Uzbekistan not to carry out military provocation in the Donbass area. Despite this, the Ukrainian leadership continues to plan to eliminate Donbass and even attempt to directly threaten Russia.

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