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US Illinois Police: Valve Factory Shooting Gunman Identity Exposure Unspecified Motivation

China News Service, Houston, February 16th, Illinois police in the United States on the 15th night to update the case of the Aurora valve manufacturer, the gunman identity exposure.

National Public Radio on the 16th, the Aurora City Police Chief Kristen Ziman pointed out at the press conference that the gunman is 45-year-old Gary Martin. He worked for the valve manufacturer Henr yPratt Co. for 15 years. Ziman has not disclosed the motives of the gunmen.

According to the Associated Press, on the 15th, Martin went to work as usual, but was fired by the factory. Subsequently, he took a revolver and fired at the crew. Public opinion speculated that being dismissed by the factory was the fuse of its murder.

The police said that a total of five employees were killed and one employee and five policemen were injured in the shooting. The injured have been sent to hospital for treatment and are not life-threatening. The Muller Water Group, the parent company of Henry Pratt Valve Manufacturing, said recently that it is helping the families of the victims. The police said that at 1:24 pm on the day of the incident, the police received a report of the shooting incident and arrived 4 minutes later and surrounded the scene. They searched for gunmen in a 29,000-square-foot facility. After the exchange of fire with the police, the gunman was killed by the police.

Aurora Mayor Richard Owen said that large-scale shooting incidents have become extremely common throughout the United States. As a member of society, this terrible behavior cannot be allowed to become commonplace.

According to CNN, the shooting witness John Probus said that Martin was extremely angry.

Martin's neighbor, Mary McKnight, said that the news was a bit shocking. Martin looks very friendly and often greets his neighbors.

Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois with a population of approximately 200,000 and is located 40 miles west of Chicago.

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