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Japanese and Russian foreign ministers will discuss the issue of the four northern islands in Munich

(Observer News) According to the Japanese Kyodo News on February 16, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Asano will be in Munich on the afternoon of the 16th, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the Sino-Russian peace treaty including the four northern islands. Conclude negotiations to hold talks. Under the situation that the two sides have different opinions on the sovereignty of the four islands, they will strive to invigorate the talks with the summit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will be held by Russian President Vladimir Putin in June. Whether the foreign ministers' meeting can find a consensus and promote progress in the negotiations has become the focus.

This will be the second consultation of two people as heads of the new mechanism for the Japan-Russia negotiations. Lavrov will reiterate that it is necessary for Japan to recognize that the four northern islands are under Russian sovereignty. And Japan will show its unrecognizable position.

In the expected talks, the move to realize the common economic activities of the four northern islands at an early date will also become an issue. In addition, it may be possible to discuss the cooperation of the original islanders on the plane sweeping graves as soon as the implementation of the agreement reached this summer.

Japan expects Lavrov to visit Japan as early as March. Considering the repeated consultations between Japanese Foreign Delegate Sen Jianliang and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Morgulov, who are special representatives of the two countries under the new mechanism, the negotiations will be advanced.

The two foreign ministers implemented the first consultation based on the new mechanism in January. This time, I visited Germany in conjunction with attending an international conference. Kono will stay in the area until 17th and return to China on the 18th.

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