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Change to the future, Oscar live new abortion

The news of this year's Oscars is endless, and the focus is not even on the film itself. Just earlier this week, the Oscar-sponsored American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a new policy, and decided that the four awards for photography, editing, makeup, and live-action short films were awarded at the advertising time of the awards ceremony, and then interspersed and edited. Go to live TV. However, this Friday, the college is based on pressure, announced the cancellation of the New Deal, this year's Oscar awards are still the same as in previous years, 24 awards are all released in real time through live TV.

The main reason for the rapid abortion of the live New Deal is the strong rebound of various industry associations and many filmmakers related to the four awards. First on Wednesday, local filmmaker Donna Gigliotti (Shakespeare's love story, readers, happiness lines behind the clouds) and directors who specialize in various awards including Oscar. Producer Glenn Weiss sent an open letter to the college requesting a return to life, including more than 200 photographers, Martin Scorsese, Alfonso Karon, Spike Lee, etc. The film directors of 75 directors, Glenn Gros, Emma Stone, and other film producers, editors, editors, and visual effects producers signed the support. On the same day, organizations such as the American Photographers Union, the American Film Editors' Union, the International Photographers Association, and the Film Editors Association also issued public statements expressing their disapproval of the New Deal.

On Thursday night, the American Photographers Union's chairman, Kees van Oostrum, and many other unions and Daun Hudson Dawn Hudson and Chairman John Bailey, who is also a member of the American Photographers' Union, had a secret conversation. As a result, the launch of the new policy of the live-action restructuring was less than a week, and it was abolished. After that, the American Photographers Union immediately sent an open letter to thank the college.

Tracing the roots, the cause of this storm is that the college believes that the Oscar awards TV live broadcast ratings decline year after year, a major reason is that the time is getting longer, such as last year's audience dropped to a record low of 26.5 million times. Correspondingly, the duration extended to 3 hours and 53 minutes. Therefore, it is hoped that by awarding four awards at the time of advertisement, the time of the award ceremony will be controlled for three hours. However, the rationality of this starting point is debatable in itself.

In the view of Variety Writer Brent Lang, there is no correlation between the ratings and duration of the awards ceremony, because in 1998, the audience reached a record high of 57 million times, but the duration was only shorter than 2018. For six minutes, the reason is that the big prize in that year was the Titanic. In other words, whether the ratings are good or bad depends on whether the finalists are concerned by the public.

Speaking of the public awareness of the finalists, it is impossible to mention the college's new policy of mid-stream abortion: the most popular film award originally intended to be added this time is also due to the opposition of the outside world. On the one hand, the college has been painstakingly plotting for the ratings, and the other side is competing with all parties. The restructuring of the Oscars will not be smooth.

However, even if 24 awards are presented through live broadcasts as in previous years, this year's Oscar awards are still hopeful, as the college hopes, controlled for about three hours. The reason is that there is no host in this awards ceremony. Although there are fewer gimmicks, it can save a lot of time.

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