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Partial collapse of a building in St. Petersburg, Russia

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, February 16th A five-story building in St. Petersburg, Russia, collapsed on the 16th and some of the roofs and floors collapsed. Fortunately, no casualties were caused.

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said that the five-story building belongs to the St. Petersburg State University of Information Technology, Mechanical and Optical Research. Some of the roof and slabs of the building collapsed, with a collapse area of ​​about 150 square meters. At the time of the incident, the building was under construction and some of the floors were still being taught.

The officials of the emergency department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad states said that the accident did not cause casualties and that more than 80 teachers, students and workers in the building had all been evacuated safely.

Before, local media reported that about 20 people may have been buried in the accident.

The Russian Federal Commission of Inquiry has initiated an investigation into the violation of safety regulations during construction.

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