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Russian Foreign Minister Stresses that Countries in the 21st Century Should Work Together to Solve the Crisis

Xinhua News Agency, Munich, Germany, February 16th Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said at the Munich Security Conference on the 16th that countries in the 21st century should work together to resolve the crisis, instead of having the colonial era and the Cold War era thinking.

Lavrov said that the world is now entering a dangerous period, and the old crisis has deepened the new crisis. In some hotspots, Russia's participation is an important factor in achieving stability. Some of the current attempts to resolve the crisis reflect only the will of NATO.

Lavrov said that if Russia is excluded from discussing regional security issues, it will not be conducive to regional stability. In the 21st century, we should not hold the thinking of the colonial era and the Cold War era. We should not listen to the opinions of others and should work together to resolve the crisis.

Lavrov said that the Eurasian Economic Union proposed by Russia and the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China both contribute to regional economic development and thus promote regional security and stability.

Talking about Russia's relations with the EU, Lavrov said that Russia supports a strong, independent and open EU.

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