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Eight military camps in southeastern Niger killed 8 people

Xinhua News Agency, Abidjan, Feb. 16 Niamey News: A military camp in the southeastern province of Difa was attacked by armed groups of extremist Boko Haram on the 15th, killing eight people.

The Niger security department released a message on the 16th that armed men of Boko Haram attacked a military camp in the Shetmari area of ​​Difa province on the evening of the 15th, killing 8 people and injuring 29 others. The Niger military immediately launched a counterattack. At present, four armed men have been arrested and four vehicles have been seized.

Difa is located in the border area between Niger and Nigeria. Boko Haram has caused numerous terrorist attacks in the region in recent years, causing heavy casualties.

Boko Haram Established in 2004, the organization's armed personnel frequently emerged in northeastern Nigeria and pose a security threat to the southern Niger region. In July 2016, multinational forces formed in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad began to attack Boko Haram.

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