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Paris encounters the 14th round of demonstrations, welcoming key points

China News Service, Paris, February 16th, local time on February 16th, Paris ushered in the 14th round of demonstrations since November 2018, which also marks the demonstration in the past three months Every Saturday has continued. The wave of demonstrations throughout the country and the ongoing national debate have ushered in key moments.

The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées are the meeting place for the 16th demonstrators. The reporters of the China News Agency saw on the scene that a large number of demonstrators gathered there, and many riot police and several armored vehicles were also deployed under the Arc de Triomphe. A police officer is standing on the armored car to record a video.

The demonstrators set off from the Champs Elysées at 12 o'clock at noon and began the parade along the planned route. On the same day, several police cars took the initiative to clear the way for the protest marchers. There were dozens of riot police on both sides of the parade along the way to try to stop the violence.

The demonstrators tried to change the route of the parade on the way and were quickly stopped by numerous riot police. Despite the police's strict alert, some violent acts took place that day. The demonstrators threw firecrackers and sundries at the police and lit a number of trash cans. The police applied tear gas to the demonstrators. After the night, the police blocked the Champs Elysées and prevented the demonstrators from entering again.

The data released by the French Ministry of the Interior that night said that 5,000 people were demonstrating in Paris that day. The demonstrators questioned official statistics, saying that there were 15,000 people in Paris. In addition, official statistics show that there are 41,000 demonstrators in France, down from 50,000 last week.

February 16 also marks the beginning of a month of national debate in France. This national debate will end on March 15. The demonstrators made a large placard in the February 16th parade, claiming that March 16 will be the beginning of a real debate.

French President Mark Long continued to participate in the national debate this week and called on the public to return to reason. He also reiterated that the government will respond more steadily to violent demonstrators. The French Ministry of the Interior said that nearly 1,800 people have been tried for various kinds of violence since the demonstrations last November. French Interior Minister Kastane expressed his gratitude to the duty police on the 16th.

According to the polls released this week, more than half of the respondents hope that the demonstrations will end, but at the same time, more than half of the respondents said they still support the relevant positions and opinions of the demonstrations.

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