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Race against time! Senior officials go to the EU to talk about the "Brexit" agreement

British Brexit Minister Stephen Barkley will meet with representatives of the other 27 member states of the European Union on the 15th to continue discussions on the revision of the Brexit Agreement. A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Teresa May said the UK government will still seek to amend the terms of the backup arrangements contained in the Brexit agreement.

Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadka said on the same day that the British government may seek to postpone the Brexit.

Mei's spokesperson said on the 15th that Barkley will continue to negotiate with the EU to seek to modify the backup arrangements. May hopes that both Britain and the EU can reach an agreement on this issue as soon as possible so that the Brexit agreement can be submitted to the lower house of the British Parliament for voting again.

She (Teresa May) worked very hard, and all her colleagues and officials who participated in negotiations with the EU were also the same... The Prime Minister spokesperson said that we are aware of the pressure on the ('Brexit') timetable.

The UK is scheduled to officially leave the European Union on March 29. After Brexit, the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland will be the only land boundary between the UK and the EU. Britain and the EU have previously reached an agreement to avoid the restoration of hard borders between Ireland and Britain, that is, to reset physical customs and border inspection facilities.

In a legally binding agreement specifying how the UK will leave the EU, the backup arrangement clause is an important element, equivalent to an insurance mechanism, designed to avoid hard boundaries, because there is no clear deadline and the UK cannot unilaterally withdraw from the UK. Highly controversial. It is the biggest obstacle to obstructing the vote of the Brexit of the British Parliament.

AFP quoted an EU spokesperson as saying that Barkley and the British opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin will visit the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, next week, and the EU's chief representative for the Brexit negotiations. Michelle Barnier meets.

Mr. Barnier's door is always open, the EU spokesman said.

AFP reported that May expects to travel to Brussels again next week.

The distance from the official Brexit left for six weeks, the British House of Commons on the 14th vetoed a motion proposed by Mei. The motion calls for parliament to support the government's negotiations with the EU to amend the Brexit agreement.

Andrei Lidsol, leader of the lower house of the British Parliament, said on the 15th that the veto of the motion was only a temporary minor issue. But she admits that this may have a negative impact on negotiations between Britain and Europe.

Ireland Prime Minister Vladka said on the same day that the UK may seek to postpone the Brexit.

I think this (deferred 'Brexit') is not inevitable, and of course it is possible. If it is postponed, it needs to have a purpose, and it needs to focus on ensuring and recognizing a ('Brexit') agreement, Varadeka said, I think, no one is willing to look at this deadlock... for months and months.

The French Minister of European Affairs Natalie Loiszo urged the UK to speed up the Brexit process.

I want to tell our British friends that it is time to decide whether there is an agreement to 'Brexit' or (no agreement) suddenly "off Europe." It depends on them, Loiszo told the Luxembourg Radio and Television reporter that this is entirely a British option. What we want to say is: hurry! (Yan Jie)

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