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Hit by the trailer before take-off

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ended his Polish tour on the 14th and boarded the plane to return to Israel. However, the unexpected situation before the charter flight took off, and Netanyahu had to stay for one day and was able to leave home at noon on the 15th.

Netanyahu visited Warsaw, the capital of Poland, and attended the ministerial meeting on the Middle East jointly sponsored by the United States and Poland. The meeting lasted for two days and closed on the 14th.

On that night, Netanyahu and Israeli officials took an Israeli Airways charter and were preparing to return to Israel. However, before the aircraft took off, the trailer of the towing aircraft accidentally hit the charter.

From the photo of the scene, the aircraft belly was scratched.

Netanyahu was informed that he could not take off as scheduled, and his wife stayed at the hotel, but including his national security adviser, several Israeli officials chose to spend the night on the plane to avoid the complicated security checks that would be necessary to board the plane again.

At the same time, another charter took off from Israel and returned to Netanyahu at noon on the 15th.

Israel does not have a prime plane. The Netanyahu government has recently tried to buy a passenger plane.

As far as this ministerial meeting on the Middle East is concerned, Iran strongly condemns and refuses to attend. Netanyahu hopes that the meeting will show its unanimous position with the Gulf countries.

The public opinion believes that due to the refusal of the Middle East and many European countries to participate in the meeting or to send only low-level delegations to attend the meeting, the attempt by the United States to form an anti-Iranian international alliance has basically failed.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office briefly released a video of the conference on the 14th. In the video, Bahrain's Foreign Minister Khalid not only called Iran toxic, but also identified the Iranian government as a new fascist regime, hindering the improvement of Palestinian-Israeli relations and the resolution of conflicts in other regions.

The former Saudi Foreign Minister and current Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Jupiter, also issued anti-Iranian remarks. From the video, Netanyahu is one of the officials.

However, the video was quickly removed, and the Netanyahu office did not explain the reason for this operation, nor did it respond to media reporters' questions. The Russian satellite news agency reported that it is not clear whether the video release meets the requirements of the meeting and whether it is in consultation with the appropriate official. (Chen Lixi)

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